WPEngine Review : Best Reasons to Choose WP Engine Web Hosting

Do you really want to choose WP Engine?
You might say that Yes I would.
If I found some best reasons to choose WP Engine.
Hmm.. Right?
It's good to hear that you want to get some reasons to choose WP Engine web hosting.
& I really like your way of choosing best web hosting for your blog or website.
There are many bloggers on the BLOG-O-SPHERE who just blindly trust on any unknown web host and then start facing issue with them later.
They face many problems specially with their support systems and with their servers.
& these are the most critical reasons to either accept any web hosting as a best one or to avoid.
So I would like to tell you that here I am going to share " WPEngine Review : Best Reasons to Choose WP Engine Web Hosting " which will gonna help you for sure. ;)

WPEngine Review : Best Reasons to Choose WP Engine Web Hosting

WP Engine offers 3 hosting plans i.e.
  1. Personal Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Business Plan
WP Engine features which I liked most:
  • CDN Service
  • WPengine SSL
  • Dedicated IP
  • Hacker Proof Security
  • Fast Loading Servers
  • Daily Backup
  • Ever Cache
  • Chat Support
  • Malware Scanning
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Hacker Proof Security

Do you ever heard from someone?
That His or her WordPress site got hacked by hackers.
Hackers found some loop holes in their WordPress site and then hacked their site.
You would definitely say that Yes I have seen many bloggers shouting loudly on social media site.
Actually these activities are very much common nowadays.
Many hackers are now hacking many other WordPress sites If they finds any loop holes in it.
You must have to be serious for your blog security.
But If your WordPress blog is hosted at WP Engine, then I would must say that you don't need to worry about your blog security.
Because WP Engine team will take all the head ache of your blog security.
Your blog will be totally secured by WP Engine.
They had a very high hacker proof security which can easily protect your site or blog from hackers.
If your blog is on WP Engine then be calm and relax because you are in safe hands. ;)

High Speed Servers

Do you ever experienced any downtime with your web host?
Do you ever feel that the servers are taking too much time or respond or your website is loading very slow.
You may definitely say that Yes, sometime I feel happening all this on my website to. Right?
Actually having high server response time is most common with most of the web hosts.
There servers respond late sometimes and this will make your website load slowly.
Do you ever think that high server respond time can highly affect on your blog's SEO rankings, even you can loss many sales due to it.
It is known that If your website is taking too much time to load then Google will surely drop the rankings of your blog because Google never want to deliver their users to such site which only irritate their users because the site is taking too much time to load and nobody wants to wait.
This is the reason Google always prefers fast loading sites.
When it comes to WP Engine, they have highly optimized high speed servers which will make your sites load faster than others.
You wouldn't face any kind of high respond time or downtime.
Your website will always ready to handle high sudden traffic and your readers will never be irritate and Google will surely love your blog. ;)

WP Engine Support

Do you ever got any reply from your web host like
Sorry , we don't know how to do that
Or sometime it happens that Your website or blog is facing some kind of issues and when you contact to your web host then they simply replies that
Your Website is running fine and we didn't find any issue with that
Even you are experiencing the issues still they are saying all these things just to ignore you etc etc.
This is called poor support system of the web hosts.
You may have definitely got this type of reply in your blogging career. Right?
But you should also know that If you would contact to WP Engine support team they you would never ever got any response like above mentioned.
You will always got reply with your solution and they will always guide you properly. So that they can solve your issue immediately.
They always love to help their customers which makes them stand out of the crowd. :D


So I think this much is enough to let you understand that WP Engine is the most lovable and trusted web host among many bloggers or webmasters. People love to use their reliable web hosting and services.
I hope you would love this WP Engine review and I am sure, Now you have really a great reason to choose WP Engine web hosting. Right? ;)
So why are you waiting, just go and grab it now. :D

Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting

best web hosting
Which one is the best web host?
This is the most common question which every blogger or web master think about before purchasing any web hosting.
Nowadays it is very difficult to find that which web hosting is best for you.
There are many web hosting companies in the market who claims that they are the best web hosting company and they will provide high quality hosting and services to their customers.
But what happens after purchasing the web hosting?
Most of the people just feels that the company has made the wrong promises with them and they aren't seems best web hosting company as they are saying.
So after doing some researches, I have found some tips which can hep you to choose best web hosting among many others.

Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting

1. Know About Your Needs

If you are going to purchase web hosting without knowing your needs then you are just gonna waste your money. It is very much important to know what actually you need.
It is very much important to know that what are your requirements according to your blog.
So I am highly recommending you to know about your needs before purchasing any web hosting.
If you are a newbie then shared web hosting will be good for you and also check for other requirements.
If you purchase shared hosting then It will be good for starting a new site because shared hosting are cheap and easy to afford for many newbies.

2. Check Server Uptime Record

You should always remember that your website is totally depends on the servers.
If your servers will experience any kind of issue then your website will definitely face problems and this can give you huge amount of loss.
Due to this, you can loss sales, traffic, money and a lot more.
So server uptime is the most important factor when you are choosing best web hosting.
You should always check the server Uptime record of the web host from which you are going to purchase web hosting.
You can use pingdom.com to check server uptime record.

3. Multiple Domain Addons

This is the most common mistake which many newbie bloggers make even I did this mistake.
When I was new to blogging and purchasing web hosting then I purchased a single domain plan and later when I need to create more sites then I wasn't able to host those new sites to that old hosting account because that hosting account allows only 1 domain to host. & then I was purchased another hosting account.
So keep in my mind and never do this mistake as I did.
Whenever you will purchase web hosting, must check that you are allowed to host multiple domains in your single web hosting account.
I can understand that you are a newbie and you don't need other sites currently but In future, If you will decide to start few other sites then what will you do at that time?
Will you purchase web hosting again?
Do you really love to waste your money again and again?
Of course not.
So be sure to check that the web hosting allows to host multiple domains on your hosting account.

Refund Policy

This is one of the most important thing which you need to check before you purchase any web hosting.
Never purchase web hosting from such hosting company which doesn't have any refund policy.
You should must ask web hosts that
Is there any refund If I want to cancel my plan after few days of sign up?
Is there any plan cancellation charge If I want to cancel my plan after few days of trial?
After getting the answer of these question, you can think about purchasing that web hosting.
Refund policy is important because In case, If you don't like that web hosting and their services than you can easily cancel your plan and can ask for refunding your money.
So must check for the money back guarantee before choosing any best web hosting.


So friends, I have tried my best to explain about the " Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting ". I hope these tips will help you a lot when you will be choosing any hosting as a best web hosting. Good Luck for your future. :D